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Zel Brands

Zel Brands


Cryptocurrency with utility

A privacy cryptocurrency utilizing zk-SNARKs, ZelCash is the main chain for all Zel products. Most notably, ZelNodes, an incentivized, high-availability, decentralized and distributed computational network, will be incentivized with ZelCash. ZelNodes are scheduled for Q4 2018.

ZelCash is a POW asset, mineable by anyone, and provides decentralized utility via rewards for node operators. ZelCash is used in exchange-for-goods transactions and will be the main pairing asset for ZelEx.

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Your gateway to the Zel Ecosystem

ZelCore is a multi-asset encrypted wallet and platform with a comfortable UI akin to the apps and services you already use everyday. With no remote storage of personal information, 100% of the security is placed in the user's hands.

ZelCore will provide access to ZelEx, the dapps digital marketplace, and be the controlling wallet for ZelNodes. Everything in one easy-to-use app, placed under the security of Zel ID.



Your passport for the digital world

Zel ID is a novel approach to getting away from centralized authorization and two-factor authentication services that are vulnerable to single points of failure. Utilizing decentralized 2FA running on the Zel chain, users can authenticate themselves to any service that integrates the Zel d2FA service.

Along with Easy Sign, Zel ID provides secure yet convenient access to ZelCore, and accepts biometrics input such as TouchID and FaceID. This additional layer of decentralized security is as simple and familiar to use as your everyday mobile device security.


zelEx | (Coming soon)

Dead-simple exchange for novices to pros

ZelEx allows users to exchange pairings right inside of ZelCore, using your assets and addresses, never giving up custody pre-order. With simple and advanced exchange options, ZelEx can be utilized by any trader, regardless of experience level.

Running on the decentralized ZelNodes network, ZelEx provides low-latency connectivity with no downtime, full custody of your assets via ZelCore, and secure d2FA with Zel ID; one of the culminations of all Zel products into the future of crypto exchange, ZelEx.

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